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American Studies Committee Meeting 2010:
American Popular Culture, Literature and the Arts

(Teacher Training Seminar)

December 2–4, 2010
Center for United States Studies
Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Leucorea Foundation

“What connects Wittenberg to pumpkin pie? This year's annual ACS-meeting did not only manage to find an answer to this question - instead all participants enjoyed listening to interesting and very informative lectures such as "Women's Rights and Authorship in Early America", "Teaching with The Simpsons" and "The New York Jazz Scene: A Short Guide to Jazz Poetry". Our group consisted of people at different stages of the teaching profession, ranging Fachbereichsleiter, to teacher trainees and from experienced and retired teachers to students, which made the workshops particularly interesting. Besides content-based activities the Thanksgiving Dinner on Friday night was a highlight, which established a long lasting connection between Wittenberg and pumpkin pie in our minds. We are looking forward to next year's event and thank Dr. Julia Nitz, Carsten Hummel and director Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Grabbe for their organization and the great hospitality we all appreciated.”

Frank Mensing and Till Katzmann

Photos (Thanksgiving Dinner)

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Photographs by Heidi Rötschke

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Dr. Julia Nitz
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